My name is Anna and I am an illustrator, painter and novice ceramist, currently based in Russia, Moscow. I’m a desperate workaholic and absolutely can not rest, and I think this is the most catchy of my qualities.

What do I draw?
Cute and cozy illustrations are for me. Most of all I like to draw illustrations for some holidays or a certain season of the year, when it is very important to catch the mood and color, I think it works out especially well for me. Due to the inexplicable love for Scandinavia, I often paint the northern nature and architecture, but no less I like to create magic and draw something fabulous and warm. And I also love plants and flowers and I can draw them infinitely.

What inspires me?
Travels. It is vitally necessary to explore more and more new locations in order to keep the inspiration in good shape. And I also collect children’s books with my favorite illustrators, I like to analyze and consider their work, it inspires me to grow, develop and work more.

Another interests?
I have almost a jungle of home plants, I like to bake rainbow biscuits and watch detective series. And I really like to make to-do lists.