ATTENTION! Due to COVID-19, mail services work very slow, so the shipping time is now 1-2 months (or could be even more, sadly). Thank you very much for understanding and for supporting my work in these difficult times.

* Due to some restrictions that I have, payment can only be made through PayPal. I will work to expand the payment options.

Regular conditions

I send everything with standard international mail and pack ceramics very reliably. Delivery time is 2-4 weeks depending on the remoteness of your country. To my great regret, the Russian post does not have expedited delivery, so if it is important for you to be in time for a certain date try to order everything earlier.

What should I do if I have not received my package within the stated time period?

If you have not received your package after 30 days, write to me in the contact box with the subject “Delayed package”. I will send a request to search for your parcel in the postal service. Within 2-3 months I receive an official response from the Russian post about the location of the parcel (or confirmation of the fact that it was lost) and either return the money to you, or send you a second parcel of your choice. Please do not rush to open a dispute on PayPal, we will figure it out. When ordering something from Russia, you accept postal risks. I’m not a huge store with a bunch of workers, I work on books, ceramics myself, I draw and print everything myself, so every lost postage is my personal loss and pain, which I always deal with care.

Thank you very much for your understanding!
With love,